Voucher Design for Kids


Voucher “Jajan di Kantin” was designed as request from my wife.
It was a doorprize for kids at her school who win for Independence Day’s Games.
The idea was from here.


Keep your two folder equal using Robocopy

Really good explanation found here.

If you want to sync two folder on your computer, just open command prompt and type below command,

D:\>robocopy "D:\kerjaan" "D:\Onebox\kerjaan" /e  /ns /njs /njh /ndl /fp /log:reconcile.txt

and after that you can check using below command,

D:\>robocopy "D:\kerjaan" "D:\Onebox\kerjaan" /e /l /ns /njs /njh /ndl /fp /log:reconcile.txt

for full manual you can found here.