Compositing on Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu with AWN without COMPIZ ???


Yes, u can use AWN without enabling your compiz. In the latest builds of ubuntu, u can adjust compositing setting.


How ?


First, u need to install gconf-editor. and offcourse metacity (installed by default on ubuntu)…. 😀


u can install gconf editor using the following command on your terminal.


# sudo apt-get install gconf-editor


After installing, open the run menu (Alt+F2) and type gconf-editor.


look in apps/metacity/general


and check for the compositing_manager then Close.




for the AWN, I suggest u to use the Intrepid repository and enable the universe. or u can use the PPA Launchpad repo.


u can install it using this following command on terminal.


# sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator awn-manager awn-applets-c-core awn-applets-c-extrasawn-applets-python-core awn-applets-python-extras

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