Check Network Storage

• Check dulu namanya menggunakan command :

root@jktgrhxsmsgwdb1 # luxadm probe
No Network Array enclosures found in /dev/es

Found Fibre Channel device(s):
Node WWN:50060e80047e314c Device Type:Disk device
Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c1t50060E80047E314Cd0s2
Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c4t50060E80047E315Cd38s2
Node WWN:50060e80047e315c Device Type:Disk device
Logical Path:/dev/rdsk/c4t50060E80047E315Cd39s2

• Check disk space menggunakan logical path nya

root@jktgrhxsmsgwdb1 # luxadm display /dev/rdsk/c4t50060E80047E315Cd38s2
DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: /dev/rdsk/c4t50060E80047E315Cd38s2
Product ID: OPEN-V -SUN
Revision: 5009
Serial Num: 50 07E310626
Unformatted capacity: 56320.312 MBytes
Write Cache: Enabled
Read Cache: Enabled
Minimum prefetch: 0x0
Maximum prefetch: 0x0
Device Type: Disk device

LUN path port WWN: 50060e80047e315c
Host controller port WWN: 21000024ff205c44
Path status: O.K.
LUN path port WWN: 50060e80047e314c
Host controller port WWN: 21000024ff205c66
Path status: O.K.

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